1. Holy Spirit

From the recording Holy Spirit

While singing regularly at at St. Mark's Presbyterian Church in Van Nuys, CA - under the pastorship and leadership of Reverend Bob Baker, I wrote this song.

It's a song of healing and light and spirit reverence - whatever your belief system is. Angie Pike, the minister who married my husband and I was, and still is, a very big influence on my spiritual life and a strong guiding light.

I love these two people dearly. They were and are instrumental in my spiritual growth and healing.

Blessings to Angie and Bob and to all of the world.


Sweet Holy Spirit
Susan Lowery ©

Holy Spirit, fill my thirsty soul
Take me to the waters, heal my heart and make it whole
Lead me to the river where the flow of love is true
Sweet Holy Spirit, guide my way to you……

As I search, for your golden light
A flicker of truth, lights the dark, dissolves my fright
I’m hanging on thread where my faith used to be
Begging for some kind of sense that turns my sorrow sweet
Sweet Holy Spirit, fill my thirsty soul

In the mountains in the city streets
We hear you calling, calling us to sweet relief
To lay down our burdens where, you’ll sift and lift our pain
Restore to us our sanity, remove our deep disdain
Holy Spirit, fill ours souls

Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy - love me, love me, like you do
Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy - love me, love me, like you do

Holy Spirit, bathe us in your light
Wash us in your waters, cleanse our souls and make us right
Take us Lord, make us aware of how sweet your love is
Hold us in your tender care and to let us know love lives
Sweet Holy Spirit, fill our thirsty souls