1. Hey Amir?

From the recording Hey Amir?


Hey Amir, are you there? Well it’s been a week or two and I miss you.
Hey Amir, are you there? See I’ve seen your wife – she sure looks nice.
But, where are you?

It worries me not see you, I guess I’m used to what we do, across the boulevard.
I want to know you’re safe and sound, I want to know - are your feet on the ground?
Is your spirit here? Where are you, are you Amir?

I know that there’ll be times when you go away.
And I trust I’ll stay, and wait – but tell me, where are you, Amir?

Hey Amir, are you there? Do you see me through the window shade, at night?
Are you looking? Are you holding her tight? Are you looking? Are you thinking I might, see you, when you think I’m not looking?

I can see you smile across the boulevard, I want to be near you, won’t tell me how is your life? Are you there, where are you Amir?

Are you there? Well where are you Amir?………………..