WEBSITE: www.susanlowerymusic.com “Serpentine Tales” is a collection of stories about life and the questions it poses in love, faith and friendship and spans many musical chasms. My early influences were not only the singer/songwriters of the seventies, but the R & B greats and rock acts as well. I can be heard along with others at the Lincoln Exhibit at Disneyland in Anaheim, soloing in churches and playing coffee shops and night clubs in the Los Angeles area. Originally from the Northwest, I relocated to Los Angeles to realize a dream of becoming a studio singer, songwriter, visual artist and story writer. With many experiences under my belt in the City of Angels, and a little too much traffic, I - we, (my husband and bass player Danny Greenberg) relocated to New Mexico - "The Land of Enchantment," (Summer 2007). Here in NM, we both will continue on with our creative pursuits while taking in all of the peace and beauty that this wildish region has to offer, as well as cater to the needs of our beloved Siberian Husky Princess: Nikita. Other projects of completion: back up vocals on “The Sound Of The Blue Heart’s” 2006 release “Beauty?” with Johnny Indovina of the legendary band “Human Drama,” and the sharing of lead vocals with Johnny Duarte on “String Theory,” with composer John Sokoloff and lyricist Paul Golubovs; the latter being available on CDbaby. Winter and Spring of 2010 - as well as our current 2011 summer, folks can find us tearing up the region (Albuquerque area)with our 70's rock cover band - "Atomic Balm" - playing everything from Skynyrd to Grand Funk and Deep Purple, to Zep and Heart - not to mention some really beautiful old ballads and blues. Players in "Atomic Balm" are: Danny Greenberg on bass and vox, Tim Frock on drums, Ron Manginell on guitar and vox and myself. You can also find Danny Greenberg on the Bangalore Choir (Giant/Warner Bros.) album as well as on various works with Curt Mitchell and J. (John) Flood - check 'em out!

Our newest addition as of September 2010: Koda Lumi Kuu - our "Malamutation," or Malamute mix; she is now one year of age. Welcome to the pack Koda! By the way, she too, just like Nikita, is a diva - gotta love it! In December of 2012 our dear Nikita made her transition to the Rainbow Bridge. Our Koda Lumi Kuu spent a year solo until - welcome "Tala" to the pack! Tala joined us In April of this year, 2013. We are all in love! Pictures of Tala to follow soon. She is a new inspiration, joy and light. New music comin' soon too. Stay tuned. Some time later...... Tala is about to turn four, my, how things change so quickly. I am now back in Oregon and have left New Mexico - that was actually in November of 2015. Many, many changes. Writing lots with former writing partners and loving it. Back in the land of great pines and water. Thank you all for your love and support.

Sooooooooooo much has transpired since my last entry, good Lord.........Where to begin?!

Catch up to August 21, 2021

Wow....... again.....  Covid - all of 2020 and to date.  Still creation keeps happening and the world wonderfully and still beautifully continues to thankfully turn.  many loses and gains.

Please find current project on YouTube with "Lean West - C19"  Our first release.  Lean West consists of Jeff Christian and myself with sometime contributor Mark Behn.   Check us out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRke_jZyT3I

FOR more:      www.leanwest.net



Much, much more to follow soon.....

July 3, 2022

 Here we are and it's almost Independence Day!

"What a long strange trip it's been" during this entire period of Covid - and, the social recovery of living amongst one another again.

By day, I am a high school Art teacher and lucky enough to work with youth and brilliant ideas and creativity.  I have been at teacher as well as artist, writer and musician for over 20 yrs.  and am really fortunate and grateful to have navigated my way through these last 2+ years in good physical health.  Taught online for a year and then back to full in person - full classrooms, etc. for over a year now.

I hope you are doing well in spite of all the changes, losses and gains.  I am grateful for what I have, for what I have gained and for has needed to be released to the universe.  I am planning on adding more material soon.  You may find some of my wacky videos on YOUTUBE, just look up my name: Susan Lowery and look for somebody that looks like me!

Blessings to all and may we all come together in love and peace and let go of the anger, hate and destruction that has plagued us and divided us these last several years.

In love,

Susan, Koda and Tala (pics to follow 0f the pups)