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Susan Lowery: Links

This is where you can purchase my CD, as well as at Tower online, Verizon Wireless, MOD Systems, Apple i Tunes, Music Now.
Curt Mitchell
Incredible guitarist, writer/engineer/mixer with guitar instruction DVDs.
Cindy Faith
Brilliant, evocative singer songwriter.
Los Angeles Women In Music
A place to network and get connected!
Johnny Indovina - Sound of the Blue Heart
Awesome singer/songwriter/producer.
Gregg Burns
CD - "Head" - great hard rockin' music. Gregg is an amazing singer/songwriter/engineer. He produced my album "Serpentine Tales."
Wolf Echo Valley - Canada
Awesome site; incredible, creative woman of the wolves. A sister in spirit, music, art and the love of the unadulterated wild.
toas experience & lisanne
Wonderful creative in Taos, NM.
Susan's Wildish Whims
My artwork & ramblings, poetry, etc.......
Shoe Box Letters
This site belongs to and features my friend Dennis Winslow - a songwriting partner. Please listen to: "Commotion" and "Lookin' for Lightning" - songs that Dennis and I co-wrote.
Atomic Balm Classic Rock
This is my classic rock cover band in New Mexico!
Gino Vannelli
My friend Traisey Williams and I singing backup with Gianni Bella and Gino Vanelli on "Bella Donna." We loved doing this. A great time with fabulous musicians.