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Susan Lowery:

Danny O'Donnell

November 29, 2014

Hello there, hope you are doing great and all is well!

Joe Schomus

June 19, 2013

It was nice to see you and your family at the Half Penny.I really enjoyed the music too.I hadn't heard you sing since Tiarra days.
Take care , Joe

jeff kendrick

March 16, 2013

if this 1976 ss highscool and brother jeff drummer than this is u thanks for showing up at my party with labanski 1992 thanks again if this is u .sue 1976 ss high school take care

Dorie Murphy

August 8, 2012

Susan, your voice is beautiful, and sounds super in your band.

mike winsett

June 19, 2012

Glad I met you hope to see you perform soon

Nancy Sellin

August 7, 2011

Great pix, Susan. Looking forward to meditating with you soon.


August 1, 2011

You are such a gift to this world. Your music is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift!


July 26, 2011

Beautiful site! My beautiful friend!! Thinking of you always!!


July 12, 2011


Adam McIntyre

April 27, 2011

i love your music take the lead is my all time favorite i will buy the cd and mp3 albulm when i can i am so happy to have you as a teacher adam


July 1, 2010

I like Hungry for love, wondering what the lead break sounds like.


January 22, 2010

hi susan!
tried to call a few times to see when yall were playing, no call back,,, Love your music!! Ill be at Mollys with Little Criminals, march 27th and april 24th!! come see us!
is there another address I can put on my contact list for gigs?
give a call!


July 8, 2009

Awsome! Love it!

Bob Baker

July 7, 2009

Makes me proud ta know y'all! This is way cool.
Love, Bob


July 6, 2009

Nice site! Linked from C2CAM... Well wishes from a kindred spirit and fellow musician. Keep on Keepin' on! Godspeed, Dana
(Dana's Universe)

Brad T.I.H.

June 16, 2009

I like the tunes. Saw your ad on Musicians wanted. Are you still lookin' fer a guitar player. I'm a musician in Santa Fe. Lived here for 9 yrs. Over 30 yrs exp. Pro gear, etc. Strong backing vocals. I may come to your gig today Molly's. I will be discreet in case you don't get back to me. (505)470-1579. I wouldn't wanna piss off another guittfiddle player, thinkin I was there to step on their gig anall.

Anywho, If'n I don't see you there, and you are interested, call anytime between 10am-9pm.

Brad T.I.H.


May 21, 2009

Excellent work, Nice Design


May 3, 2009

This site is crazy :)


April 24, 2009

I love this site

Fernando D'Antonio Harle Y'Da'Vidsonius

April 17, 2009

Very pastoral. I love the space and the use of the acoustics.

I am proud of you.

Glenn Howells

April 16, 2009

Sue - I first heard you sing Ballerina and Season to Season in your dad's basement as a child. I used to hang out with Michael and sit enraptured by your wonderful talent. It's great to find, after all these years, you have taken that talent and used it in such a wonderful way. I've just ordered a CD, and as a childhood fan and family friend, want you to know I am very proud of you!

Yours -
Glenn Howells

Guido Verdi

April 5, 2009

Dearest Susan,

I just wanted to send the very best wishes for you on your birthday... However minute our space in time was as friends, please know that you enriched my Life in your way.



March 7, 2009

Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !


January 5, 2009

A great resource - many thanks!

Nicole Gitlin

January 4, 2009

Hi Susan! Good to see you. I saw your site on Katya's Blog. Miss seeing you. Hope you'er well. Say hi to Dan.

Susan Alvarez

December 7, 2008

Just checking in. My email is working. Note new address. Love u

Ruby Alexandra Beloz

November 2, 2008

WUP nice site


Guido Verdi

October 25, 2008

Within the hours of twilight,
Between the dusk and early dawn.
I still my breath, and in that depth;
I remember days long gone...
I inhale certain memories,
Of friends profound and rare.
It does but put my soul at ease,
To find you always there...

Susan... How well I remember the days of early morning jogs, "Stay Frederick Stay", Bebe, and your beautiful voice. It does my heart well, to see you so well.


Guido Verdi (aka: Richard)


October 2, 2008

auditorio parque las maravillas espider-man 3 house of blues

Nate Lee

October 1, 2008

Hello Susan. Long time - no see. Glad I finally found you on the internet. Hope life is good. Your music sounds great. And you've always been a sweet spirit and positive addition to this planet in many ways. Please drop me a line sometime.

Rawn Takacs

May 8, 2008

Well I think you know who I am..LOL Send me a new email address girl so we can speak

Cindy Faith

May 7, 2008

Just listening to your songs and crying. Miss you xoxoxo

Jeff Condrey

March 16, 2008

Nice to meet you at defined fitness this evening. I am still exploring your website.

Dave Wichman

January 12, 2008

I Know I've been one of your fans as long as anyone...I love the tracks I've heard so far..I played in a 50's band in Farmington years ago...Your a Goddess W/The voice of an Angel...Thanks for the memories !!!


December 16, 2007

Great to see that you are still at it...what a great voice

Julie Tan

December 5, 2007

What an amazing talent and extraordinary human being! Lot of love to you & Dan!


November 26, 2007

Nice Susie Q!

Debbie Acosta

October 30, 2007

What an amazing site. I admire your talents.

I love you,

Deb ( your little sis)


October 20, 2007


ada jane fish

September 14, 2007

Hi Susan,
Just ordered two cd's, can't wait to receive them. It was great hearing from you after so much time. by the way you look marvelous.Must be something in the genes. take care, Janie

Gary Walker

September 8, 2007

You sound as great as ever
I hope you remember me it has been a long time

Stay blessed Gary and Chris

Kita (Becka Sue's Daughter)

August 25, 2007

Hi I will see you in New Mexico!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith Buckley

July 6, 2007

So good to really hear your voice... I'm a fan for life Sue!


Terry Porter

April 15, 2007

Your beautiful. Just wanted to get listed. What a wonder voice. Haunting, lovely, like watermellon sugar in the summertime.

Chris Koenig

April 1, 2007

How wonderful to find you on the web.Great site!
As always, great songs,increidible vocals.
You know I've always been a huge fan of your awesome talents.

Love & Happiness,
Chris K

Stacey Strausberg

March 16, 2007

I will always be the president of your fan club!

Love to you and the family.

Cindie Servantes

March 14, 2007

I miss you and am proud to know you. Did I tell you I moved from Astoria?
I hope all is well with you and Dan. Take care your friend Cindie

Patti aka SheWolf

March 8, 2007

Namaste' A very good friend of mine forwarded me your website. I am honored that she shared this beautiful music with me. Your song SheWolf was absolutely beautiful. I thank you for sharing such beautiful music with us. A lovely friend is a site you recently visited. WolfEcho Valley. Skylar is special soul and if you ever have the opportunity to stop by WolfEcho Valley not only will it be a visit you will take with you forever but meeting Skylar and her wolves is truly a blessing.
Live in Light, Love, Peace and Happiness Always



March 8, 2007

Namaste' Ok you got a huge fan..I am hooked. I will be buying your CD next pay day Susan. ;0) You put a haunting stir in my soul, I am very sensitive to the emotion, the spirit, the soul and essence of a person & their work and do this, you accomplish this . Keep going straight up. I need not say never lose yourself, as it is clear you have a firm grip on that tail end.

all my very very best.




March 8, 2007

Namaste'...WOW, I must say you pretty much blew me away Susan..your an amazing beautiful soul physically and otherwise. You had me so laughing in your photos section at your sweet canid family members *grin* Thank you soooo very much for signing my guest book, I feel honored and humbled by that. I am going back to listen to the rest of your clips but wow wow...truly gifted artist I wish I had known about you even sooner. If you are ever in Canada you would of course be my guest here. Now off to listen to some more angel music! and to send your site out to some dear soul friends out there. YOU ROCK!


Peter Williamson

March 2, 2007

Your mother gave me your web page address today. It's great to see we have talented, beautiful people in the family. Your music is wonderful. I'll forward it to your second cousins; Beau in Montreal, Evan in Duluth, and Alicia in Pittsburgh, for their inspiration.

Laura Ciccone

January 24, 2007

Hi Susan:

I'm not sure if you'll remember me. We were part of the sisterhood of Linda Jeffers for a time. I recently had a piece or writing published on Barend and Trees website devoted to Gino Vannelli. I was surfing around on their site when I came across your name as one of Gino's backup singers on a Gianna Bella project.

Great to see your beautiful website. Very happy to see you continuing to pursue your musical career. You were always an inspiration.

Best wishes
Laura Ciccone


December 21, 2006

Hi Susan! Its me, Becka Sue's Daughter! I still have your CD! you still rock!!!!:)

Linda Jeffers

May 6, 2006

Wow. Great job on your website. Now, finally, everyone gets to see and know you and all of very special gifts. Having a website is a great idea. The time and effort you have put into this site shows. It is beautiful. Way to go on taking an idea and making it happen!
Love always,

Susan Alvarez

April 30, 2006

Oh Yea!!!! You go girl. Fabulous and entertaining as usual you storyteller you. Best wishes for Sweet Success. Love and Light Always...SUZ

CIndy Faith

April 28, 2006

Hi Pooh,
Congrats on the start of something very beautiful. xoxoxo Smeller